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Terms of Service Agreement

Please read the agreement below and check each box stating that you agree with each one and then click the "I Agree" button.
If you are a faculty/staff member, a meeting must be scheduled to go over the service request.

  • We are not responsible for reserving the location.
  • We are not responsible for scheduling and searching for an anchors/ actors.
  • We are not responsible for editing and captioning the outside video.
  • We cannot accept the last minute of changes on scheduling includes the location.
  • We cannot accept the event's agenda that is not ready for all services.
  • We do not accept the request's ownership switching through times.
  • We require the script or screenplay for a film purpose.
  • We are not responsible for editing and captioning a 20-minute video or above.
  • We only provide a 1-hour photography service per request of the single event.
  • Upon the request, we do not give you our availability schedule until the further notice (only if we couldn't cover) by informing through an email.
  • If we do not receive email from the request's owner for 48 hours, we will remind after 24 hours, then the request will be declined.
I Agree I do not Understand

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